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Exclusive events of Cadia Startup Exchange bringing investor closer to the visionary entrepreneurs.



Monday, February 27, 2017, Monte-Carlo, MC.


What is Cadia Investment event? – An investment and introduction event of the future companies and business. Cadia Startup Exchange Crowd funding platform with exclusive secondary market, introduces to you a two day event at one of the most prestigious places in the world “Monaco”. Cadia Starup Exchange helps new and established visionary future companies to raise funding and gains new opportunity for the future. Companies within new technologies as electrical yachts “Cadia Yachts” Medical sector as “Biofab” (organ printing technologies) and much more.

Where and when? – From March 24th to 25th, The event will take place at Monte Carlo Monaco know for the playground of the rich and famous. Located at the beautiful Côte d’Azur‎. The VIP evening the 24th and 25th brunch/lunch at the Monte Carlo Country Club MCCC. A knows and well connected place; know for its famous tennis. Investors and guests invited are offered to stay at the prestigious and beautiful Monte Carlo Bay Hotel.                                                                                                                                                     Who is Cadia Startup Exchange? Cadia Startup Exchange is the first ever equity crowd funding platform with a 24/7 secondary market for: Startup companies, Small & medium-sized enterprises, Retail & institutional investors worldwide. Cadia took the model of equity crowd funding to the next level by providing the highest probability for an actual ROI. More at www.cadiase.com.- Why this new approach, and why now? – As we believe and see it as most important that new growing companies and visionary ideas deserve the attention, as well proper funding to achieve their goals. We started with this exclusive concept and promotion events. This with an excellent spectrum of investment opportunities for all. Cadia Startup Exchange built for a progressive society and promotes new entrepreneurs worldwide.


The ‘How’ – While embracing a proactive, progressive approach, Cadia Startup Exchange interacts with professionalism toward entrepreneurs, collaborators and investors; attention to image, and an understanding of the entrepreneur’s product and vision allows for a clear perspective, investing advice and profitable return. Our mission is fresh, sophisticated, smart, comprehensive, selective, open and respectful. With this conduct and the steadfast list of collaborators, networks and connections, Cadia Startup Exchange and Its events is unquestionably a world-class investor’s Platform.


CADIASE EVENT offers the following events and happening:



2 days of investment opportunities. VIP evening with introducing Cadia Startup Exchange, live Music, dinner, Art Auction to benefiting Startups, featured Seminars of companies, networking, brunch, and this all in style and class at Monte Carlo MC. Guests and investors offered stay at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & resort.


CADIASE VIP Vernissage Reception (March 24th, 19:00PM - 11:00PM) MCCC Monaco

Grand Opening, introduction companies and entrepreneurs, selective guests, Hors D’oeuvres and Champagne Service, dinner, Art auction for start-ups and Organization Earth, with artists as Evi Photopoulos, Mickaël Fayard, Michel Anthony, Live Music Performances by Alan Landry and Iris Athanassiadi, investment opportunities.


PRESS CONFERANCE (March 24th , 10:00AM) MCCC Monaco

Public announcing, introduction Cadia Startup Exchange and involved Startups and Partners. Press invited worldwide.


CADIASE INVESTMENT EVENT 2017 (25th March, 11:00AM-15:00PM) MCCC Monaco

Daytime event at Monte Carlo Country club, Hors D’oeuvres and Champagne Service, Brunch/Lunch, featured Seminars of companies, networking, Live music performances by Alan Landry & Iris Athanassiadi, and investment opportunities.


To visit and been invited a selection is been done, this through our event website submission form, www.cadiaevents.com or contact info@cadiaevents.com As well for all other info on Partners, Sponsor, and Press, etc This event is produced by Posterus-Event and Cadia Startup Exchange www.posterusevent.com www.cadiase.com

Supporting cause, Organization Earth www.organizationearth.org


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