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AEVOLVE: The Next Step in Digitizing Medical Access
The Next Step in Digitizing Medical Access
Aevolve is a powerful channel that brings fintech and cutting-edge medical science together, to accelerate the financing of medical innovations. It is a practical vehicle for bringing health-related innovations to their next stages of development, so patients can access and benefit from them faster.
With Aevolve, the patient becomes a partner in the curation and financing of many of the world’s most cutting-edge, yet possibly financially neglected, research pathways and treatments. The process of drug discovery is capital-intensive, so it is important to find new ways to finance promising research tracks and up-and-coming biotech companies without sacrificing profitability, yield and public benefits.
Aevolve provides the necessary bridge for projects that may find themselves strapped of capital or “unfundable” in the eyes of venture capital, yet carry with them tremendous potential and untapped value.
Through its platform, Biospheres, Aevolve creates a demand metric by involving the patients in the reservation and pre-ordering of such treatments. Within the platform, participants can use a token called AVEX to buy reservations called "Spheres," each one representing a product or treatment in the Biospheres marketplace.

This patient-driven business model is overlaid with a securitization layer. AVEX.AI is a securitization pathway that allows traditional investors to invest in AVEX without participating in the utility market, thus separating the investment/speculative layer from the purely utility-based layer. 

This hybrid model is to ensure that investors who want to invest in the performance of AVEX can do so through a tracker certificate offered on a Swiss ISIN, without confounding the simple patient access model. The AVEX offered on the tracker is classified as the underlying, vaulted by a Swiss institution as part of a structured product conforming to Swiss law. 

This ingenious mode places innovations in the patients' hands and de-risks investor participation in life science innovation investment. It makes investing in blockchain-based assets easy because investors do not have to tackle issues of custody and security. It appeals to crypto funds and traditional funds alike, opening the gate to the trillion-dollar derivatives market. 
Aevolve Serves Unfunded Research
Aevolve aims to serve the majority of research applications (85%) that are submitted to governments globally go unfunded. This is a source of tremendous life-saving value, as well as new opportunities for growth and innovation.
Addressing a Growing Biotech Market
The global biotechnology market alone is expected to reach USD 727.1 billion by 2025.
An Initial 100M Offering via Swiss ISIN
The first new digital token launch through a tradable structured product, AVEX.AI accessible via Swiss ISIN.  Learn more 
Biospheres to Launch with over 1B in Product Offerings
Project to launch initial treatment reservations and/or products as secured offerings on Biospheres estimated to be worth at least USD 1 billion.
About Aevolve

Aevolve is a protocol that supports medical innovations from R&D stages to full-scale commercialization, by connecting patients, investors, and scientific innovators.


This new asset class provides exposure to opportunities in blockchain, free of the risks associated with previous token offerings. Coming soon to the the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange.


This innovation marketplace connects patients and the global community directly with scientific innovators and experts from all over the world to address various stages of the innovation life cycle.

AVEX Token & The Aevolve Protocol

Cutting-edge medical science meets blockchain-driven technology to create new opportunities to drive innovation.



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