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Raouf Meftah - his first book: Ocean Letters, paintings and lyrics
Raouf Meftah - his first book: Ocean Letters, paintings and lyrics
Raouf Meftah - His first book Ocean Letters, paintings and lyrics united in a allegory of Beauty in the name of Arts and Culture
Ocean Letters isn't just about words and Colours. It is about Arab calligraphy interpretation between the waves of the modern times, the return to the origins having new ideals, visions and emotions - this is the statement of the artist himself.
The Tunisian - French painter offers his first book not only as Art catalog but as a love letter to the international audience. Colours are embracing the forms of letters and words, the lyrics are ready to give the brilliant meaning of the artist's visions. ,,Why Ocean? Because my own feelings and emotions are larger and richest than ever, powerful as the Ocean - says Raouf Meftah. I gave the title Ocean Letters to my first book as a symbol of my overwhelming sentiments and ambitions. Yes, I can easily recognize very honestly that I am arrogant. With my paintings, my abstract letters and strange forms, I have the real arrogance and feeling that I can touch the sky in million of waves. I see and I consider my artistic personality as an Ocean with giant waves looking and trying to touch the Sky, the Unlimited, the Fata Morgana of Lights and Shadows. I was thinking to write a book but I couldn't find a better expressiveness than my own calligraphy in hundreds of colors. The need to veil my own Arab calligraphic letters in real words came only when I have accidentally read the poems of my friend, Monica.
So, the Divine is always present in our life and blood, in our Hopes and Dreams. Ocean Letters combines my art gallery with the lyrics of the German - Greek writer  Monica Mergiu - and I think this is in fact the beauty and the meaning of Art : cross cultural and trans cultural messages and cooperation to build a real Friendship bridge durable on time over centuries. My Journey, says Raouf Meftah, my life Encounters, with bright moments and grey moments, are making me the Man I am, the Artist I am. I'm a painter of Faith and Love. And I am a citizen of the World. If in Chenini, or Nice or Monaco, Munich or Dubai, I am giving the best to create Beauty. My book as I said, Ocean Letters is my artistic Statement with a large and warm dedication to all people regardless nationality or religion : Life is a gift born in Peace and Love. So don't lose any moment and make the best out of it." 
Raouf Meftah's first book Ocean Letters is available in Amazon and will have official book launch together with the poet and writer Monica Mergiu this year in Dubai.

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