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Royal  Monaco  Art Talk with  Monica Mergiu , author of the book  ,,Roses Over the Walls" - unveiling the truth about Arab women , Royals & Artists


Speaking about her latest book  ,,Roses Over the Walks" , the German writer  Monica Mergiu starts from the very beginning to explain that her literary concept  is  in fact her cross cultural interference  with 5 of the most important and opinionated Arab women artists : Her Highness Sheikha Hent  Bint Faisal Al Qassimi , Princess of United Arab Emirates , author of the much discussed ,,Black Book of Arabia" , business woman, journalist and  entrepreneur  Founder of Velvet Magazine and House of Hend Fashion company ; Raja Alem , the worldwide celebrated and awarded Saudi writer , the most important book author of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ; Shadia Alem , Saudi  visual artist and emblematic personality of the Holy City Mecca , the pioneer of modern Saudi art ; Suzi Fadl Nassif  , the well-known paintress from Lebanon internationally awarded as cultural Ambassador of Lebanon's artistic scene and Middle East literary agent of the famous writer Paulo Coelho  ;  Hend Al Mansour , Saudi - American cardiologist of Mayo Clinic , paintress and poetess promoter of  both heritages , Saudi and American in the same time , activist for tolerance and a real free spirit.




My professional  background is human medicine and I have always used my literature for humanitarian cause in order to discover , initiate and promote the huge potential of cultural exchange as friendship between nations and religions. When I'm starting a book I am always lead and motivated by my respect and admiration for my literary subjects. It isn't easy to enter the GCC world , the ancient tribal society of beduins , especially to have interviews and photos with the Royal ladies or  women artists. The most important factors in my literary communication are loyalty, trust and tolerance.


,,Roses Over the Walls" my actual book presents large , beautiful  interviews and  fabulous artworks of these 5 amazing artists , women of the new modern wave , who generously, brave and courageous are speaking strongly  for women empowerment , freedom of expression and respect for their nation's ancient heritage. Sharing their lives and creativity between Saudi Arabia , Lebanon, Dubai and United States , Paris , Monaco or London , they aren't anymore just Arab artists but much more citizens of the world.  I consider myself really privileged for the amazing artistic encounters  and chance to write about extraordinary women of our times. Culture unites people is my personal credo as  writer and physician. I love writing about beautiful experiences and unusual personalities.

As a member of the German Union of Writers and member of the United Nations Women Germany I'm always thinking to build up bridges of communication. ,,Roses Over the Walls"  is part of this huge bridge of cultural friendship . The meaning of my title is very simple : Arab women artists are in my vision the roses climbing , growing and blooming over the walls of  social conveniences having the capacity to bring the old  customs  and traditions in to a new brighter horizon. My book is about joy of life , happiness , love for art and creativity as positive , constructive force.


My book is fabulously  designed and illustrated by the UNESCO  awarded  Tunisian - French artist of Arab calligraphy Raouf  Meftah. I believe in spiritual encounters and Raouf  is one of them. The last chapter  of my book  ,,The Woman I Am"  isn't only about me , it is about the artistic correspondent between my literature and his calligraphic and abstract  art collection - Raouf  Meftah's  paintings presented in my book are in fact the colorful projection  of my lyrical journey over the years and surprisingly a continuity of my own artistic personality. I consider a great luck and huge privilege to cooperate with Raouf  as illustrator of my book , actually as exclusive illustrator for  my entire literary collection of  books  ,,Royals & Artists".



I am very glad to offer the actual volume  ,,Roses Over the Walls " to all readers who are ready to discover the treasure of Arab femininity and intellect. My book is available in Amazon and hopefully starting September we will be able to start the signing book tour in Dubai , Munich and Monaco.I consider Monaco not only a very impressive territory of luxurious , glamorous vacations but much more , in the last years especially, the perfect location for connecting artists and intellectual international elite for a cross cultural cooperation. Monaco shows us today more than ever that CULTURE MATTERS.


Dr. Monica Mergiu is a German  physician  and writer , member of the German Union of Writers , International Federation of Journalists and member of the United Nations Women Germany. She has a very long literary and journalistic activity with focus on Arab women artists and intellectuals , members of the Royal families of GCC and advocates for women empowerment at all levels . She is the author of  several media articles about  Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Al Ketbi , spouse of  UAE ' s Founder  the late Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan , recognized as pioneer of  Emirati women' s emancipation  and champion of  charity in the world.

Monica Mergiu was awarded as Ambassador of Cultural Friendship in Saudi Arabia , Bahrain and United Arab Emirates.  She lives and writes in Munich  capital of Bavaria.

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