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15 août 2020 6 15 /08 /août /2020 15:48
ART MONACO: Przemko Stachowski
Przemko Stachowski

Przemko Stachowski - A graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Painting; specialization in Wall Painting and Easel Painting where he studied in 1989-1994 in the studio of Prof. Stefan Gierowski and graduated with honors.
In the years 1991, 1993; 1995 he received the CISIM (Centro Internazionale Studi Insegnamento Mosaico) scholarship in Ravenna, Italy, where he learned the techniques of artistic marble mosaic. After graduation, he deals with monumental and intimate wall painting, easel painting, artistic mosaic in architectural interiors.

He took part in many individual exhibitions at home and abroad. He made many artistic arrangements of interiors in institutional, private and sacral spaces.Since 2001, constantly associated with the activities of the Culture Houses where he runs the Studio of Painting, Drawing and Digital Photography - Art Studio Deco Arch. In 2011-2014, the Deco Arch studio functioned as a company created thanks to the EU subsidy as a part of the Incubator of Mature Enterprise project and as a company in 2013 was awarded the Kronenberg Foundation competition for innovative microenterprises.
Artist  is a member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers and a member of the Mazovian Association of Fine Arts MZASP.
My image is a record.Each image is created in a different context. Is a record of the state.

Constantly changing, dynamic situation in which I try to find myself knowing that the status quo does not exist. Invariably I am interested in the fluctuation of matter, its non-obvious status often a resultant in relation to the surrounding context, which however, it is subject to the same laws.The peculiar truth of light and color, indeterminacy, relativism and the mystery of our perception are just some concepts, which constantly drive my activity and imagination to act. The last word will never be spoken. It's not the point. It's happening. It is the process of creating. This is a mystery to which metaphor is needed. And that's why I paint. Others write, compose. [...] about love and constant enchantment with our fragile condition. Eros and Thanatos. Let it happen. My picture here and now is a continuation of the "story" that has been going on for many years. I started the diploma cycle titled "I'm coming out of the black as from


Maria Grazia Todaro Art Director
Centro Espositivo di Arte Internazionale
Riviera Tito  Livio 75 Padova
tel +39 3346447738

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