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MWI is a Monaco-based company specializing in high end events and in particular in Royal Events.

Jean Henri Tamenne the founder of Atout Black & White has much experience in aristocratic events and particularly in dynastic eventsl. Mr. Jean Henri Tamenne wishes to develop associations of excellence with successful  and wealthy black Africans as well artists , sport as  medical field .

Interview de la Princesse Maria de Bourbon Parme , Le Prince Serge  de Yugoslavie et le chevalier Juan Henri Tamenne

The honorific President is Nicole Marquise de Chambrun ans few Royal Highness in the board such S.A.R.  Prince Serge of Yougoslavie.

This is very important these days to show that recent events in America don’t express the reality of black excellence, rather they are manipulated events and do not show the positive aspect of the black communities, restricting examples to those of the rioting and violence of few black Americans , sadly the medias images are now worldwide .

On the opposite side the black & white action goes the other way, toward black excellencies, first of all showing the successful African business people, politicians and artists and bringing them to light and the level that they deserved as people of excellence.


Mademoiselle Maria Luiza Burdzy qui fournis gracieusement  le caviar Antonius et le champagne Sabrage 

The program aims to showcase the elite of black African accomplishment, this being our foundations corner stone for black & white events. We will use the exact same base as the old European aristocratic social promotion system, in other words we shall promote rewards to people, the same way the king promotes new nobility via merit to the society, in our case the elite community of Black & White will promote and introduce each black honourable member to our society.



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