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14 octobre 2020 3 14 /10 /octobre /2020 07:47
R O D N E Y    C A D D E N


I meet Rodney Cadden at a trendy lounge in the centre of Monaco. You hear him before you see him and as a regular visitor to the Cote D’Azur he feels at ease in his surroundings. As he goes onto explain in his soft Irish accent “it’s been a crazy morning, after his company signed an agreement to place Yanek UV into one of the biggest private yacht in Monaco. The world as we know it has changed beyond recognition with Covid19 and this has resulted in UV technology finding its way quickly to the mainstream”.

Rodney started his business career over 25 years ago in various companies from the iconic Guinness in Ireland to Heinz Ireland and Russia. He goes onto explain “I was seconded to Russia as a Technical Director of Heinz Baby food. Working in Russia allowed me to make major decisions and quantify risk in these decisions. Sadly what I see today in a lot of  businesses is people in charge are not able to make any decisions and risk averse”.

As a trained microbiologist, he opened up his company hytech.ie based in Dublin in 2015. “This was well before Covid19. It was a challenging time to say the least and we had to diversify our product portfolio. I knew UV would have its day and it was only a matter of time. My advice to all businesses when preparing for a downturn is to diversify your product portfolio.”

Hytech Ireland now has a presence in eight countries with

most of his business created in the kingdom of Saudi and Australia. His company provides UV technology to combat Sars Cov2 and coronavirus in sectors, as diverse as 5 Star hotels in London, private jets and yachts around the world, to Military aircraft.  

“Our customers sometimes comment that some of our systems look like they came out of a James Bond movie”, and his latest product to combat Covid, called the Yanek UV brief case, is out of that theme. The Irony of talking about James Bond in Monaco , with the success of Casino Royal is not lost on him.

As Rodney continued “Steering hytech day to day creates its own challenges like any other business, only last week, as an example, we were approached by a prominent formula one Grand Prix team to provide the Yanek UV system at the Feb Monaco Grand Prix, to disinfect their garages at pit stops. I believe over the next 15 months we shall see more and more UV coming into mainstream on public transport and Hotel room disinfection  and this shall be driven by public demand”.

For now it’s a case for Hytech continuing the journey of placing UV in as many sectors as possible during this pandemic, to tackle this problem. As he excuses himself he says in his lofty Irish accent “ Next time we meet up , I’ll bring along Q from the James Bond movies, to show you some new hytech gadgets”. 

For information on the Yanek UV brief case for Eliminating Cov Sars2 contact: 

www.hytech.ie     or,      tatiana@hytech.ie 


Tatiana Olkhovskaya

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