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30 janvier 2021 6 30 /01 /janvier /2021 08:51

« I'm endless grateful to be born in United Arab Emirates. I am a daughter of Dubai in all senses and day by day I am much more conscious about the huge chances and challenges offered by my country not only for us, Emirati locals but for so many other cultures coming here to the 7 Emirates and ofcourse especially to Dubai. The foreign media speaks about the glamorous lifestyle and luxury but I would prefere you to see and understand more than that.

About me I can say that I'm living a very active life as entrepreneur, nothing comes very easy without working every day. I love to experience in different business fields and yes, here in Dubai we have so many provocations and challenges. I have started my own company showing myself that I'm really able to be successful and develop my own visions.

Dubai is maybe the most representative cosmopolitan metropole for the 21.st.Century and I'm really happy to open the doors of my office to innovative people, professional people ready to build up new carrier in the most peaceful and beautiful environment wich is Dubai, my home.

We do have a great government and women are supported to take chances in all professional fields. As a founding member of Dubai Arts Club and Dubai Capital Club I am always interested to promote our Emirati cultural values and in the same time to welcome entrepreneurs, artists and art lovers from all corners of the world ».

Wedad Al Kaabi, beautiful and so much elegant, glamorously wearing exquisite jewelry creations with delicate grandeur, expresses that kind of savoir faire and savoir vivre, mixing the Eastern culture with the Western details.

Dubai - like Monaco - is the home of rich and famous of this world, like all glossy magazine's journalists love to say. Meeting Mrs. Wedad Al Kaabi we do understand that beyond the Aura of sparkling wealth, people here are  really concerned about constructive visions, innovative ideas and realistic accomplishments.

« To be successful in Dubai it is all about work, ambition and for sure positive energy » she says with a charming smile, yes, indeed, sparkling an amazing positive energy.


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