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6 février 2021 6 06 /02 /février /2021 19:52
HALIMA AL SAYEGH - Traditional Arab Jewelry creates bridges between Dubai and Monaco

Halima Abdallah Rashid Al Sayegh is flowing around the treasures of the past, discovering the mystery of Emirati architecture, archeological jewels, old customes, habits, historical origins and the beauty of being an Emirati. Halima is a professor ,writer and artist dedicated to the old times and origins of her country and ancestors. I am talking to Halima Al Sayegh with the confidence and trust of a writer having a rich conversation with another writer, building a cross cultural project with so many similar ideas, visions and targets, going beyond our identity, nationality or traditions. She is very much influenced by the old, sparkling Venetian culture, the French rich treasure of Arts, and very much in love with the glamorous Monaco especially at summer time when in Dubai is hot weather and no shadows at all.

Halima Al Sayegh, member of the oldest goldsmith family in United Arab Emirates, is the recipient of numerous nationals awards as recognition for her heritage's books, literary studies and researches about the ancient Emirati swords and traditional jewelry. Her latest precious creations are inspired by Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak spouse of the legendary Founder of United Arab Emirates Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan - the jewelry creation in gold symbolizes the traditional burqa - and  another unique creation inspired by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed, President of UAE, represents an ancient sword with the finest design of arabesque and spectacular shapes.

As a professor and writer, Halima Al Sayegh  continously spreads the values of the Emirati heritage as basis of a multicultural society. As a member of the  Emirati Business Women Council she is active and supportive of the women empowerment. As she says ,, a modern society is based on the women and men contributions in equal way.

We love European cultural values and we are very determined to build up bridges between our ancient traditional customs and other countries. Our heritage is magnificent, inspiring since centuries many scientists, historical travelers and writers. Goethe, Lady Gertrude Bell and so many Italian, French, British artists were undoubtedly convinced that cultural exchanges are basis for a beautiful future for all of us. I am very much determined to bring our culture to Europe and your own cultural treasure to us, so we can learn from each other, growing together with spiritual and inspirational visions".

Article by Dr. Monica Mergiu

Writer and United Nations Women Germany cultural activist

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