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Her Highness Sheikha Hend Bint Feisal Al Qassimi and her Royal Perfumes of Dubai

Sheikha Hend is for sure one of the most visible Royals of the Gulf Countries. Member of the Royal Al Qassimi family of Sharjah, daughter of the well known and highly respected personality Sheikh  Dr. Feisal Al Qassimi, Sheikha Hend knows perfectly the social, moral and cultural impact of her own activities.

How should i describe Sheikha Hend? Glamorous, delicate, elegant, spiritual and very much courageous. Worldwide recognized as successful author of the famous Black Book of Arabia, Sheikha Hend is maybe more than anything else a devoted activist for women empowerment.

Gifted with charm and Intellect, strongly supported by her parents, she is always ready to express her own opinions, ideas, visions about the international situation at all levels. As writer and journalist she supports peace and freedom of expression, human rights, mother & child rights, marriage rights, education rights, everything that makes people more strong and confident.

Sheikha Hend is one of the very few Royal women of GCC ready to bring the truth of certain situations to the spotlight light. Today she is recognized as a real Peacemaker and Ambassador of Friendship, her books, articles, speeches, even her  social media presence  are spreading messages of Unity and cultural cooperation, Tolerance, without fear or doubts. Her life's experiences between lights and shadows, sadness and happiness, fulfillment or sometimes failures are the key of her huge success as a woman and Princess.

Sheikha Hend Bint Feisal multilateral personality is guiding her trough different fields. She is business woman, artist and art lover at once. If her books are describing and presenting the various sides and situations of the Arab world between traditions, customs and huge diversity of happenings, her famous perfumes collection created lately as a homage to all the beautiful, elegant, sensible people is the expression of her sensitive, romantic soul. ByHend scents are already a great success in the Middle East and ready to conquest Europe, Far East and USA.

Sheikha Hend Bint Feisal is Founder and Owner of VELVET magazine and HOUSE of HEND, seeking not to be a business woman but an artist and a writer devoted to humanity. She believes in the cross cultural exchange for a free world without conventions or misconception. I am asking Sheikha Hend if this world isn't just imaginary.

« Every dream can be transformed into reality, it is up to us, that's why we are here, to follow our dreams and achieve our goals ».


Article by Dr. Monica Mergiu

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