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Tuesday 20th July, 2011

The Global Champions Tour gallops forward to Chantilly, France



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Artiste: Kim Bouloukos

The Global Champions Tour season heads north from the seaside location of Cascais (Estoril, Portugal) to the magnificent setting at Chateau de Chantilly for the seventh of the ten round series to be held 22-24th July, 2011.

It’s the time for stylish outfits, extreme preparation, hours and hours of training, and that’s just for the VIP patrons. Throw in the sound of hoofs jumping around the most challenging courses and you will witness the best collection of show jumping riders and horses on offer.

The specially designed grass jumping arena sits alongside the Parisian racecourse in Chantilly. Back-dropped by Chateau de Chantilly the venue will showcase the world’s best showjumping series next weekend.

The feature event on the program, Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Chantilly, France, will take place on Saturday 23rd July starting at 15h30.

“It is with a non-dissimulated impatience that we have awaited this second edition of the Global Champions Tour in Chantilly.” commented Gerard Manzinali, President of Jumping de Chantilly. “Impatience because the 2010 edition of the Global Champions Tour imposed itself as the start of a wonderful adventure for both humans and sports. Impatience also in renewing with a show of rare quality and on a site that is just as rare.” Mr Manzinali further explained.

“Lastly, impatience for there is no greater pleasure than to share, and to offer to our partners, and to an ever increasing public, these three days of exceptional competition that literally carries each and every member of our association.”

Mr Manzinali went on to comment about the members who offer their time voluntarily to assist in the running of the Global Champions Tour event in Chantilly.

“Members of our association have chosen to keep their status of voluntary workers. And that could be the magic of Chantilly. For, in spite of an organisation, we aim to be more professional each year, which at each edition gains in quality of reception and animation, Chantilly Jumping remains an association whose sole entry ticket is that of passion. Here, there are no salaries, but voluntary workers, no investments but an involvement; no clients but partners.”

He added, ”No surprising that in such a context our impatience is so great in seeing you again, maybe also because it is the occasion of seeing each other.”

Many of the leading FEI ranked riders having declared to ride at the Chantilly round of the Global Champions Tour. They will battle it out to claim the Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Chantilly, France title and part of the €285,000 prize money set down for the Grand Prix.

Last minute omissions include Billy Twomey, Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum and Eric van de Vleuten. However, spectators can expect a thrilling competition and with the inclusion of French riders Michel Robert, Philippe Rozier, Jerome Hurel, Olivier Guillon, and Patrice Deleveau, who will be spurred on by their home crowd.

Last year’s winner of the feature GCT Grand Prix of Chantilly, Laura Kraut (USA) has nominated to start. A knock to the face at the Global Champions Tour event in Monaco meant an omission from the Estoril event that was held in early July.

The American rider has completely recovered and is looking forward to the event. “Unfortunately I broke my jaw and a couple of teeth at the Monaco event,” Laura explained. “It was just an accident in the ring yet it was enough to keep me away from the GCT Estoril event.”

“I am now feeling ready and can’t wait to get to Chantilly as it is one of my favourite shows,” she added.

There have been enough twists and turns in the GCT Ranking leader this season already to make the Global Champions Tour season very interesting. German Ludger Beerbaum has taken a significant lead since placing 3rd in the Grand Prix in Estoril where he boosted his points to 186.50.

Australian Edwina Alexander rests in 2nd place (155 points) and Luciana Diniz has quietly worked her way to 3rd spot (149. points) with good placings. Estoril, for Luciana, was a highlight being runner up with Winningmood.

With points allocation per Grand Prix class standing at 40 for 1st, 37 for 2nd place and 35 for third place it makes this season still a chance for any of the riders to get to the top of the ranking list in order to take home their share of the bonus 1 million Euros.

Jan Tops President of the Global Champions Tour remarked on the Ranking List to date. “Ludger at the moment is clearly ahead, but the season is still not finished. Any of the top 12 riders has a chance to win. Seven of the best ten results count with still four more events to go.”

At the conclusion of Chantilly there are just three Global Champions Tour events remaining: Valkenswaard, (12-14th August) and Rio de Janeiro, (2-4th September) with the season culmination in Abu Dhabi (24-26th November).

The race is on between the top professional riders to win part of the million euro bonus that will be presented at the concluding leg of the tour at the Al Forsan International Sports Arena in Abu Dhabi.

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Here below  artist Kim BOULUKOS

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