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 Lecture at the Y.C.M. Tuesday August 28  

To mark the Tenth Anniversary of the solo crossing Rome to New York (transatlantic) aboard a water scooter (World record); the Spanish adventurer Alvaro de Marichalar gave a lecture at the YCM.



Mr. Alvaro de Marichalar, on the left, Mrs. Catherine Pastor, Mr. Bernard d'Alessandri (YCM General Manager)


The flags of Monaco and Spain together, were in a prominent place during the event.

Mr. Marichalar was introduced by the YCM Director Mr. Bernard d'Alessandri.

A film about the chalenge was screened. Pepole were amazed by this unique task.



Mr. Alvaro de Marichalar and Dr. Liston Bochette III (5 time Olympian Decathlon & Bobsleigh)

More informations:   

Álvaro de Marichalar y Sáenz de Tejada
Alvaro de Marichalar   Born in Pamplona, Navarra, Kingdom of Spain
Spanish businessman, mariner, speaker and politician.  Academic member of the Spanish Royal Sea Academy. 
In 1984 he founded TeleSat, a pioneer satellite antennas company.
In 1986 founded EuroTelecom, a pioneer mobile phones company. Recently he co-founded the recycling mobile phone companies. ; Since 1990 is involved in real estate and commodity brokerage. His passion is sailing; an activity he combines with his business commitments.  Since 1982 he has carried out 38 maritime expeditions, winning eleven world records.  With his sea crossing expeditions he raises humanitarian aid for NGO, such as the Red Cross and Cáritas.  He also writes books, produces documentaries (for National Geographic Channel, among other TV channels) and lectures at conferences around the world (Speech topics: 1. Motivation & Achievement; 2. Culture & Society; 3. Sports (Álvaro talks in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish). Golden anchor winner from the Royal Spanish Naval League. Medal from the City of San Petersburg. Author of the book "Rumbo al Horizonte Azul" (Heading into the Blue Horizon) Aviation pilot. Served two years in the Royal Spanish Air Force.   Spokesman in the province of Soria for the Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD) a Spanish political party.   


From left Mr. Bernard d'Alessandri, Mrs.Claudia Albuquerque, Mr. Alvaro de Marichalar


Alvaro's lectures:
Alvaro's Lectures are based on his experience at sea: 38 maritime expeditions (aboard PWC/JetSki) and 11 World records.
  He lectures about the will to fight against all odds; the ability to conquer fear.  About his solo voyage from Southern China to Tokyo; from Barcelona to Odessa (Ukraine); from Rome to NewYork transatlantic, among other 38 maritime expeditions. Alvaro talks about ocean preservation, fishing, sea resources and sustainability.  About the spirit of friendship and how religions, cultures and countries can all come toghether.  He also talks about sports and a healthy life. 

Álvaro has a captivating lecture directed towards Students, Businessmen, Managers, and other Entrepeneurs drawing parallels between their business world and his experiences.   The logistics of organising his maritime expeditions involve many of the same enormous issues facing any entrepeneur.  Fundraising and business planning for logistical necessities such as,  navagation permits, insurance, support team, and co-ordinating supplies, are all familar to any business person.  In addition to the practical planning he must resolve the political issues concerning maritime passage which involve negotiating with Government agencies, coast guards etc.  
Álvaro is an inspiring story teller who can captivate any audience with his stories of successful management and execution of extrodinary feats.  A true Avatar, who knows what his next adventures will be and how they will further inspire us.


COMING Expedition: The FIRST SOLO PACIFIC OCEAN CROSSING aboard a tiny 9ft vessel (water scooter - "jetski")

The Route:
From China to Panamá:
On September 25, 2013, Spanish Adventurer Vasco Nuñez de Balboa’s discovery of the Pacific Ocean, turns five hundred years old.
The sailor, Alvaro de Marichalar, will arrive in Panamá on the 25th of September of 2013, exactly 500 years after Vasco Nuñez de Balboa saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time.

A documentary will be produced.
This is an unique sponsoring opportunity: A Spanish Adventurer travels from Asia to America Transpacific, 500 years after the Pacific Ocean was discovered.

The dates: From June to September 2013

UNIQUE and GREATE International PR, advertising and marketing Opportunity.

An Environmental Survey will be made: Analysis on the Pacific Ocean environmental situation today (fishing, pollution, sustainability, water quality, etc) The investigation and research will be carried out by an American University.
Lectures: Once the Expedition is concluded, Lectures will be organized in Panamá, Spain, England, Switzerland, USA, Japan, Russia, Canada, Mexico, France and Italy.
Documentary: A documentary about the Pacific Expedition and the Pacific Ocean Discovery will be produced and distributed to several TV channels worldwide.    


Photos from Claudia Albuquerque







L'aventurier Espagnol Alvaro de Marichalar a donné une conférence au Yacht Club de Monaco, sur ses 38 expéditions et 11 records du monde à la navigation maritime.

Les participants ont pu voir documentaire sur son plus long voyage: de Rome à New York (Solo) 

Lors de la conférence a parlé de ses voyages entre Hong Kong et Tokyo, de Barcelone à Odessa, de Paris à Londres, de Séville à Monaco, de Majorque à la Sardaigne, de Moscou à Saint-Pétersbourg, etc.

Toutes ces expéditions effectuées à bord du jet-ski et en solitude. 

Sur les 38 voyages effectués, il avait l'aide d'un navire de soutien en seulement trois expéditions. Les 35 autres ont été faites en solitaire strict.

Finalement, le marin Navarrese, a parlé de son prochain défi: traverser le Pacifique à l'occasion du cinquième centenaire de sa découverte en 1513 par le aventurier Espagnol Vasco Nunez de Balboa (25 Septembre 1513) Le Navigateur espagnol moderne, rêve de arriver au Panama le 25 Septembre, 2013.  Toujours à bord du son petit bateau (jet-ski) qui baptise avec un nom mythique: "NUMANCIA" en l'honneur de la petite ville Ibérique qui a résisté à Rome il ya 20 siècles.

Plus d'infos sur: www.OceanPlanet.ws



L’avventuruoso spagnolo Alvaro de Marichalar ha dato una conferenza allo Yacht Club de Monaco sulle sue 38 traversate ed 11 records del mondo nella  navigazione marittima.

I partecipanti hanno, cosi, potuto assistere al  documentario sul più lungo viaggio, in solo, da Roma a New York. Durante la conferenza ha parlato dei suoi viaggi tra Hong Kong e Tokyo, da Barcellona ad Odessa, da Parigi a Londra, da Siviglia a Monaco, dall’isola di Maiorca alla Sardegna, da Mosca a San Pietroburgo, etc. Ogni tratta fu effettuata in solitudine a bordo dello jet-ski! Soltanto su tre dei 38 viaggi vi fu l’assistenza di una nave mentre gli altri 35 vennero effettuati in solitario.

Infine, il marinaio navarrese ha illustrato la sua prossima sfida : la traversata del Pacifico in occasione del cinquecentenario della sua scoperta, nel 1513, dal navigatore  spagnolo Vasco Nunez de Balboa (25 settembre 1513). Il nuovo navigatore spagnolo spera arrivare a Panama per il 25 settembre 2013, sempre a bordo del piccolo natante (jet-ski) che ha battezzato con un nome mitico :NUMACIA, in onore della piccola cità iberica che pose resistenza a Roma 20 secoli adietro.

Altre informazioni su : www.oceanplanet.ws

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